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Weimeraner Gifts, Magnet “William Pettybone”


This funny fridge magnet is perfect if you’re looking for Weimeraner gifts. You’ll find “animal magnets for refrigerator” a fun way to display Weimeraner art.

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Super funny fridge magnet; great Weimeraner gifts

Weimeraner art in the style of Early American portrait artists

As Weimeraner gifts go, this magnet is pretty unique. But as William Wegman showed us all, Weimeraner art can be unusual and fun and popular. This fellow is dressed as a distinguished early American man would have been, and is wearing a wig. I dove deep into the subject of mens’s wigs when I painted William Pettybone. It was a style that was started when Louis XIV began wearing one to hide his baldness; He started going bald at age 23. The fashion became a status of wealth, and wig styles started to get creative. I picked one I thought looked elegant on a Weimeraner; one that still showed off his lovely ears.

funny fridge magnet
Weimeraner art

Interested in seeing how I paint my portraits? You can see several one-minute time-lapse videos of the artist (that’s me!) at work. It’s always fun to see an animal creation come alive on the canvas.

You can create an awesome art exhibit with animal magnets for refrigerator. You’ve got lots of choices! You’ll find cats, dogs, Guinea Pigs, rats, mice, goats, Pigs, ferrets, and even Bearded Dragons. They are all well trained to sit and stay on your refrigerator, and guard your home (in a stately fashion).

Here at Old World Pet Portraits home base, it feels like Santa’s workshop all year long. Bunsen Bean, chief envelope-licker, likes to get in the holiday mindset. Every day, we’re dedicated to making fun items, and sending them quickly and well packaged.

Bunsen Bean makes sure the envelopes are well sealed for the journey. He’s dedicated, and an excellent helper. What would we do without our companion animals?


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