The Artist At Work

You might be toying with the idea of commissioning a personalized portrait of your dog, or cat or other pet. If you’re looking for the style portrait you see in my shop, I’d love to get creative with you. Here’ you’ll see how I go about creating three hand painted dog portraits. I filmed the process in time-lapse mode, so you’ll see each painting come alive in one minute.

Here, you’ll see how I go about the creative process. The paintings here were commissioned portraits. I filmed the process of “the artist at work” in time-lapse mode, so you’ll see each painting come alive in a minute!  For me, it’s a joy to see the subject come alive as I work on a painting. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing it too.

This is Chloe

Chloe is one of several subjects I painted for a client. My client first thought it a good idea to have me paint her with two eyes. But they’d lived with her and knew her most of her life with one eye, so I suggested that we paint her that way. I think the portraits are the most meaningful when they capture each animal’s essence and unique beauty.

This is Reagan

Watch the one minute video below to see Reagan’s portrait being created.

Reagan has a matching portrait; Thatcher. We wanted both portraits to have a similar feel, and to be of a similar era. And we wanted to have them facing each other. I sent my clients lots of ideas, and selected these. The two personalized dog portraits now hang together, memorializing the pups who mean so much to the family they’re a part of.

portrait of your dog

This is Thatcher, Reagan’s best friend.

This is Spencer

Spencer’s people have a large collection of my hand painted dog portraits. They’re a fan of Springer Spaniels. Spencer is depicted as a royal. You can see a few of their other paintings below the time-lapse video.

These are a few of Spencer's friends

hand painted dog portraits

You probably wouldn’t know it unless you’re a World War II history buff (my client is), but the seated figure here is a take-off of a Winston Churchill portrait. Mrs. Churchill is depicted above.

custome dog canvas art

This portrait was commissioned as a surprise for my client’s daughter. She is a die-hard Star Wars fan, so we created her dog’s portrait with a Princess Leia flair.