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English Bull Terrier Gifts, Magnet “Reclining Bull Terrier”


These classy fridge magnets make perfect bull terrier gifts for folks who collect English bull terrier merchandise

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Your Bull Terrier is so going to want you to get this classy fridge magnet!
The perfect English bull terrier gift for a fan of the breed


This classic was painted by François Boucher in 1751. I was considered pornographic at the time. Today, a Bull Terrier can pose nude without anyone thinking it scandalous at all. And they do love to lounge around like that.

Who would have thought that this painting would have transformed into bull terrier gifts. Odalisques were an art form popular centuries ago, and there’s a lot that can be learned about the Turkish, English, and French cultures through this art form.  But here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters, a beautiful, historical odalisque stands on its own as a jumping off point to have fun with anthropomorphism. It’s a way to celebrate the love we have for our companion animals. After all, attributing human characteristics to animals is a way to show how connected we feel to them. Mind you, no animals are ever harmed creating this art. Every one of my portraits are created from photos and historical reference. Even when the subject is not nude, I don’t actually dress animals to create my art.


My magnets are the kind of Bull Terrier  merchandise that are great for gift giving. They’re made of 30 mil magnets, and topped with the image printed on ultra premium glossy paper. They’re hand made by me, and they’re packaged nicely in a small plastic bag secured with a cute label. For protected shipping, they are mounted on cardboard. I try to ship magnets the same day they’re ordered. They’re sent via USPS with no tracking.

bull terrier magnet

Here at Old World Pet Headquarters, we all take part in making sure your orders are put together with the greatest of care. Bunsen Bean is in charge of magnet packaging.


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