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Pomeranian Magnet “Lady Pom Pom”


This cute Pomeranian magnet is a perfect gifts for Pomeranian lovers, and a fab Pomeranian Christmas stocking stuffer

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They're nice little gifts for Pomeranian lovers

Ask to have them gift wrapped, and they'll be an easy peasy Pomeranian Christmas stocking stuffer!

These 3″ x 4″ magnets are made from ultra premium glossy paper mounted on 30 mil magnet backing. I hand make every magnet, and then package them in small plastic bags sealed with pretty labels; they’re lovely for gifting! I ship them very quickly via USPS with no tracking.

Lady Pom Pom was the princess of a client who adored her. Her person chose this lovely dress and historical portrait reference. It was a portrait painted in the 1600s by Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez, a Spanish painter and popular in the court of King Phillip IV. The original princess was Infanta Margarita Theresa.

A Pom story of my own....

pomeranian lover merchandise

I have a soft spot in my heart for Lady Pom Pom’s portrait because it reminds me of Mariposa, a sweet little Pom we fostered for a time. She was a blind  and deaf senior girl who was found wandering on a street in town. No one came to claim her, so we surmised that she had been intentionally “lost”. She was distraught at the shelter, and she spent her days walking around in small circles. Then she developed kennel cough too boot. It was too heartbreaking to watch.

I brought her home as a foster dog, and made her comfortable in a room separate from our dogs at first. When she got better, she enjoyed sharing a big fluffy bed with our Rotweiller, Teddybear. She found her way around the house just fine, despite her lack of sight and hearing. It’s a little harder to find homes for senior animals, especially ones with disabilities. But the most wonderful woman called to inquire about her. She lived 8 hours away.

She was single, and she was in the habit of adopting older animals. Mariposa’s issues didn’t phase her a bit. She officially adopted her and gave her a wonderful home for the rest of her life. As it turned out, Mariposa didn’t have a long time left. But she was loved to the end. And isn’t that the best we all could hope for. Mariposa was a princess in my book…… just like the lovely Lady Pom Pom, who is just perfect to reign over the home of someone who appreciates Poms. She just needs a nice spot on the refrigerator for  to sit and stay, and she will bring smiles to you every day.

Here at Old World Pet Portraits Headquarters, we take pride in our attention to detail, making and packaging our products.


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