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Hedgehog Gifts for Adults, Magnet “Mrs. Hedgehog”


If you’re looking for hedgehog cage ideas, this gal greatly ups the décor of even the most cool hedgehog cages.

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Such funny hedgehog gifts

And awwww, look, she's holding a cherry!

hedgehog gifts for her
hedgehog prints for her

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a hedgehog, but they’re so cute, I just had to create a few hedgehog portraits. They make a cute couple, I think. For my historical reference, I used portraits of children, because hedgehogs have a compact shape that’s more similar to a child than an adult. 

These magnets are a nice size to decorate a refrigerator, so if you don’t have a hedgehog yourself, you can still enjoy their charm every time you pass the refrigerator. If you do have a pet hedgehog, these magnets are also a great size to use to decorate the front of their cage. If you have a friend with Hedgies, this magnet would be a great little gift. My magnets are great stocking stuffers; just the right size!

Since you’re here, reveling in the cuteness of hedgehogs, let me tell you about a super adorable one I have discovered. His name is Azuki, and he’s an instagram sensation. Follow him to see funny hedgehog photos that’ll brighen your day. I particularly like his camping pictures; He has top-of-the-line camping equipment, including a tent, a kayak, a coleman stove, and an ice chest. And he looks so happy, too.

The little hedgies on my magnets would have never gone camping. They’re too formal. But they’re just as cute, and their purpose is to be displayed, and to make people smile when they are gazed upon.

I make these 3×4″ magnets with ultra premuim glossy photo paper. The image is ink jet printed. It’s mounted on 30 mil magnet backing. The magnets are packaged nicely and perfect as is for gift giving. They’re shipped soon after they’re ordered via USPS. There’s no tracking, but USPS does a fabulous job getting the magnets to their new home.

hedgehog themed gifts
Mrs. Hedgehog would be delighted if you brought Mr. hedgehog home, too.

Here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters, we keep our staff busy packaging magnets so we can send them out quickly.


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