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Pug Magnet “Midge Marie”


This Pug magnet, and others of this breed in my shop, make great gifts for Pug lovers. Here at Old World Pet Portraits, we have truly unique Pug stuff.

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Your Pug-fanatic friend so needs this Pug magnet

They're great gifts for Pug lovers

If you’re a Pug person like me, your heart probably melts a little whenever you see Pugs, or unique Pug stuff. Cute little Midge Marie is particularly adorable, sporting the historic dress once worn by the Infanta Margarita Theresa of Spain. The Infanta was the subject of several classic portraits painted by Diego Velazquez.

Oh the Infanta was cute alright, but Pug lovers will agree that Midge Marie is cuter still. This adorable little Pug magnet (and others in my shop) are perfect gifts for Pug lovers. This Midge magnet is well trained to sit pretty and stay on a refrigerator. What a fun way to enjoy classic portraiture and Puggies!

My Pug, Bunsen Bean is my one and only assistant. He helps me with packaging. Another Pug member of the family, Chester Ludlow Peabody, is an apprentice in training. So far, he can’t resist ripping open envelopes. It’s a work in progress.


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