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Cavalier King Charles Magnet “Rembrandt”


This Cavalier King Charles magnet is just the thing if you’re looking for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog lovers gifts.

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The perfect little Cavalier King Charles dog gifts

Dog magnets refrigerator art; create a gallery on your fridge!

Rembrandt painted lots of self portraits. This is one of my favorites, and my Cavalier King Charles magnet is a takeoff on it. He was a master at lighting the figures, and his painting of fabric is just lovely to look at. The hat, rakishly planted on his head is quite handsome, I think.


In my version, “Charles” is wearing brighter clothes. It seemed appropriate for this fanciful creation of Cavalier King Charles dog lovers gifts. And he’s holding a pallet, as if he’s in the process of painting the very masterpiece of himself that we see.

The original portrait images of Rembrandt, or other great art masters might not quite fit into your décor. But once the subjects are your favorite critter? They’re an expression of your animal-love, your appreciation of the arts, and your sense of humor.

You’ll enjoy giving them as gifts, too. They are pretty reliable as smile-producers. They’re a perfect fit in a Christmas stocking. They’re just right as small Cavalier King Charles dog gifts for friends who love that breed. You can find other Cavalier King Charles magnets in my shop, as well as lots of other animals. They’re all decked out in their finest, working their hardest to look like the historical figures they were created to be.

You can create a really fun gallery on your fridge. Make different exhibits; the French Revolution exhibit, featuring Louis IV, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Lord Nelson.  Or create a barnyard exhibit, a Guinea pig exhibit…. there are over 100 magnets to choose from, and so many ways to enjoy them.


My assistant, Bogus Bunsen Bean, is always there to help me out. He is uniquely qualified for sealing magnet envelopes. He's won Employee of the Month" several times for his dedication and thoroughness when carrying out the task.


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