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Pug Gifts For Her, Magnet “Rocco”


Looking for Pug gifts for her? This cute fawn Pug dog image graces a gorgeous yet funny magnet; The kind of Pug dog gifts that’re perfect for Pug fans.

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Funny Pug gifts for Pug lovers

A whimsical choice of Pug dog gifts

There’s something about Pug dog gifts that melt the hearts of people who love this breed. What is it? Maybe it has something to do with how adorable they are, and every look at the endearing face of one melts the heart just a little bit. A Pug person myself, I am happy to be adding my magnets to the Funny pug gifts of the world.

Portrait of a Man was a self-portrait painted by Domenico Capriolo in 1512. This was the early Renaissance, and the period of time when art gained a greater foothold in society. This portrait was a great reference choice for Rocco. Another portrait from this time period was selected for his friend, Guido.

Prep work for Rocco's and Guido's portraits...

It’s always a lot of fun figuring out just the right historical portrait for each dog. Rocco and Guido’s people like the renaissance period, so we selected several classic images for these adorable Pugs. But really, it would have been hard to choose something they wouldn’t have looked adorable in. The creative process includes accumulating historical portraits for ideas, getting just the right photo of the subject, creating a sketch to work out the details, and then painting the portrait. Many hundreds of portraits later, it’s still fun. Never gets old!

We only hire Pugs at Old World Pet Portraits. It’s not that we discriminate against other animals. It’s just that the Pugs live here, and others don’t have transportation to get to work.


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