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Beekman Goats, Magnet “Mr. Beekman”


These are genuine Farmer John Beekman goats! My goat magnets- three to choose from- are perfect whimsical, cute gifts if you’re looking for goat novelty items.

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Super cute goat novelty items!!

You can have your very own Beekman goats on your refrigerator

As goat novelty items go, these are particularly novel. Mr. Beekman is dressed in the dress of the early 1800s, and so is his missus, Mrs. Beekman. They pose for their portraits, just as wealthy land owners of the time might have. And as goat related gifts, they’re just the ticket! Inexpensive. Classy and smile-producing. There’s always room for a magnet on the refrigerator, and my Beekman goats are prepared to pose and look important on whatever fridge they’re placed.

cute goat gifts

Mrs. Beekman’s magnet is a lovely match for the mister, and they make wonderful goat related gifts when paired together.


Maybe you’re on this page ’cause you’re a goat fan, or looking for goat novelty items as gifts. And you may wonder what all of this “Beekman” talk is about. Beekman 1802 is a business created by Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer. They moved from NYC to a beautiful, historic home in Sharon Springs New York that was owned by William Beekman in 1802. You can read more about their story here, but for Josh and Brent, Beekman came to represent the business they created around goats, beauty products, and the lifting up of local artisans and neighbors. In fact, one of the messages that threads their now-booming business, is that we are all neighbors.

We are all neighbors...

They use their platform to spread kindness and connected-ness. I like that message. So I thought I’d use my much-smaller platform here to spread a little of that message, too; Howdy neighbor! Hope you’re having a great day, and seeing my dressed critters brightens it just a little.

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