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Bearded Dragon Accessories, Magnet “Mr. Spike”


Your bearded dragon pets at home will love this as decor in their den! Or it’s a fun bearded dragon accessory for your refrigerator.

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bearded dragon décor for your beardie's den
They make great bearded dragon gifts

If your the kind of person who loves to spoil your reptiles, this is a great bit of bearded dragon décor to seriously spruce up their digs. Who knew you’d be needing bearded dragon accessories that would introduce your beardie to the arts? They can’t go to a museum, after all. Hang it above their couch or hammock. And, you can tell your adult male bearded dragon that he comes from royalty, and this is his ancestor. There are 4 bearded dragon magnets in my ship. Maybe your beardie will want to collect them all.

If you’re going to use these as den decor, you’ll need double sided tape or glue dots to mount them on a glass surface. On a refrigerator, they’ll stay up perfectly, even while holding papers; they’re a stronger than average magnet.

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My magnets are sturdy; made from 30 mil magnet backing and the image on ultra premium glossy paper.  They’re 3×4″, and hand made by me. They ship USPS, no tracking, and I send them out quickly. You’ll love the packaging; it’s great for gifting.

Mrs. Spike would to come home with you and Mr. Spike.


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