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Guinea Pig Gift Ideas, Print “Basil”


Guinea pig wall art makes for great guinea pig gift ideas for fans of these adorable little creatures.

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Guinea pig art is the perfect way to show that you're a Guinea pig-loving household

Guinea pig décor- how can it NOT make you smile

This royal attire was just MADE for guinea pig artwork, I don’t care who wore it way back when!  You don’t see guinea pigs dressed up quite this too often or guinea pig items like this…. not often enough I say. They’re far too cute to pass up this kind of fun.

guinea pig art

This is Basil. The real live Basil that inspired this painting. He was a beloved pet of my customer’s nephew, and she commissioned a portrait of him. At the time, I’d never considered the idea of Guinea pigs as subjects of Old World Portraits. I was busy with the many dog breeds folks were asking me for.

We explored different historical portraits that seemed like they could work with a Guinea pig. Then I found the perfect portrait. It was a count. He had a rotund shape that he seemed proud to accentuate, because he had a great big white bow around the widest part of his middle. Well, isn’t that just the perfect thing for a Guinea pig. What is their visual essence if not the rolly-polliness of them? So here is Basil, proud to be who he is, and noble as all get-out. For several years, he was the most popular image in my shop. Now Spike the Bearded Dragon has edged him out, and Isabel the black cat is gaining on him in popularity. But Basil doesn’t care. He is content to be a whimsical Guinea pig artwork presence in many hundreds of households, charming the humans who display him.

The print looks great in an ornate frame. You could make him a feature in your living space. He would be handsome over a mantle or on a dining room wall. Or, it’s also fun to put a little print of him in a tucked-away little nook. What a hoot it is for a visitor to happen upon him unexpectedly. Instant smiles!

guinea pig gift ideas

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