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Black Lab Gift Items, Magnet “Lady Sargent”


Check out my black Lab gift items. They’re cool refrigerator magnets, and they make first class under-10 gifts for Labrador lovers.

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Lady Sargent wants to be your choice for black Lab gift items

She's a lovely item for you, and makes great gifts for Labrador lovers

Cool refrigerator magnets, yes? The great thing is, if you enjoy historical art, this is a fun way to relevantly enjoy the old world charm of beautiful pieces of art in your home. As lovely as she is, would you include a portrait of Lady Agnew in your d├ęcor? Probably not. But her beauty has been transformed into an enchanting black Lab gift item harmonious with the home where the breed is loved.

Your Lab loving friends will love these too. Purchase them for well under $10, and these hand made, elegant black Labrador gifts will surely go over big.

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw is one of my favorite John Singer Sargent paintings. He did a fabulous job of painting women. As in most of his portraits, this subject is captivating. She was 26 or 27 years old at this sitting. It has been said that she went to Sargent’s studio and flopped in a chair. He liked the natural pose so much, he painted her sitting that way. Learn more about this beautiful painting here.

This magnet is a great match for Lady Sargent. So, if you’re in the market for two black Labrador gifts, here’s a good choice. Both portraits were modeled from John Singer Sargent portraits. The original of this one was Carolus Duran, Sargent’s painting instructor.

john singer art

Imagine the fun of curating your own Old World Pet Portrait exhibition on your refrigerator. All of my critters are well trained to sit, stay, delight, and charm viewers. They will pose elegantly as they guard the goings-on in the kitchen of their home.


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