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Best Bearded Dragon Magnet “Mrs. Spike”


Having a bearded dragon as a pet is super fun. Celebrate your reptile love with the best bearded dragon magnet around; Mrs. Spike.

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The perfect decorative piece for the ideal bearded dragon habitat

Add a little humor to the experience of having a bearded dragon as a pet!

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Yes, this is a refrigerator magnet, and if you’re a bearded dragon fan, the refrigerator is a lovely place to put it. You’ll be able to gaze upon Mrs. Spikes striking beauty every morning when you’re starting your day. But if you also have a beardie, why not add a little culture to their home? Maybe they would enjoy gazing at the stunning vision of loveliness as they start their day? This magnet, as well as the other bearded dragon magnets in my shop, are ideal to include in bearded dragon habitat if your beardie enjoys the finer things in life.

The magnet is 4″ tall and 3″ wide. The image is ink-jet printed onto ultra premium glossy paper and then that’s mounted onto 30 mil magnet backing. I make each one here at Old World Pet Portraits headquarters (otherwise known as my home). Each magnet comes in attractive packaging, making it a fine gift as is, right out of the envelope. I ship my magnet via USPS, no tracking. I usually process magnet orders within 24 hours. Often the same day. They go right into the mailbox in front of my house, where Dave, our loyal, steadfast mail carrier picks it up so it will arrive to you quickly.

Mrs. Spike would love it if you brought Mr. Spike home, too.


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