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Yorkshire Terrier Magnet “Belle”


This Yorkshire Terrier magnet is a fun way to display Yorkshire Terrier art. If you’re looking for gifts for Yorkie lovers, this cute princess is for you!

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Because every Yorkie is royalty

These Yorkshire Terrier magnets are absolutely perfect for the sophisticated animal lover.

This Yorkshire Terrier art magnet is; 3×4″, 30 mil magnet strength, shipped by way of USPS without tracking, and comes with attractive packaging.

Belle’s outfit was modeled after the dresses worn by Queen Elizabeth I in the mid 1500s. The dresses couldn’t have been fun to wear. The waists were impossibly small, and just look at all that skirt fabric and the hoop…. could they ever sit down?

The painting style of the time was  more flat, stylized and simplistic, except for the detail shown on the dress. The subject herself is painted without much shading or realism. It’s an interesting sport to date a painting by noting the style of the era.

But this little Yorkie never had to wear such a dress. I painted her from a photo, and then I created this cute little bit of Yorkie merchandise from my painting. You can see how I paint Old World Pet Portraits in this one minute time-lapse video.

This Yorkshire Terrier art of Queen Elizabeth is just one of the historical characters my pet portraits are based on. You’ll see a Chihuahua posing as Napoleon, a French Bulldog looking a lot like Marie Antoinette. George Washington makes his appearance as a pitbull terrier, here at Old World Pet Portraits. And Miss Mousie is the lovely princess Infanta Margarita Theresa. You can brush up  on world history here… in a fun way. You’ll enjoy a different twist on some famous works of art, too; Cat With a Pearl Earring, Girl in a Blue Dress, Mona Lisa (who is a Guinea Pig). What a fun fridge gallery this would be!

This is my trusted employee, Bogus Bunsen Bean. He helps with whatever needs doing, but is particularly good at sealing magnet envelopes.


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