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Cute Fridge Magnets, Yellow Lab “Kendall”


These Yellow labrador cute fridge magnets will add a whimsical touch to your refrigerator. Lab lovers will enjoy these decorative fridge ornaments.

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Super fun yellow Lab products to give as gifts

Yes, yellow Labrador Retrievers CAN look this dignified

If you’re perusing through yellow Lab products looking for the perfect little gift for lovers of the breed, this is it! These cute fridge magnets will add class and amusement to a kitchen all at the same time. You may think that yellow Labrador retrievers are goofier than this, but look! He’s a handsome fellow in a dapper suit who clearly looks like he belongs in this refined portrait. And here he is on this decorative fridge magnet; trained to sit and stay on a refrigerator. He’s at the ready to watch and guard the goings-on in any kitchen he calls home.

It’s just my taste, but in my home, I like Old World Pet Portraits that start with a simple but handsome historical portrait. No kings or queens for me. I like my subjects to seem like a regular every-day person who had their portrait painted. In my mind, it adds to the whimsy. So this straightforward early portrait is one I really liked for a yellow Labrador like Kendall. If you’re interested in a print of Kendall, go here.

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yellow lab products

These are great little gifts to hand out. They make adorable stocking stuffers, too. In this shop, there are over 100 magnets to choose from. There are enough cute fridge magnets of yellow Labradors to make a nice fridge Lab art exhibit!

Here at Old World Pet Portraits, it’s like Santa’s workshop all year round. We’re always busy making magnets, prints, new paintings, necklaces. And the packaging!…. we put a lot of attention into making sure the items are safely packaged so the animals arrive safely to their new home.


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