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Really Cute Guinea Pigs, Magnets “Lincoln”


If you pick one single guinea pig from all the really cute guinea pigs, this one could be it.

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Really cute as Guinea pig home décor

Or get ALL the Guinea pig magnets and make a decorative fridge gallery

I just love it when a painting and an animal seem like they’re meant to go together. Such is this single guinea pig, and this painting of a rotund count. His belly is just the right shape for a guinea pig, don’t you think? But hey, how far wrong could I go when painting really cute guinea pigs?

I’m not the only one creating art for Guinea pigs’ viewing pleasure. One  person created a GP museum called the Piggenheim. The museum space is a hallway. The base mouldings are the walls. And that’s where tiny recreated well-known works of art hand in gold frames with little “plaques” underneath identifying the artwork. The height of the artwork is just perfect for Guinea pig viewing.

Another person found all of the craft store supplies he needed to create his own Guinea pig museum. The piggy art patrons attending the exhibit opening seemed to enjoy the snacks a little more than the artwork, but hey, I’ve been to many openings where that’s been the case.

If you use my decorative fridge magnets to embellish the area around your Guinea pig’s home, I’d love to see it and show my followers on social media. Send me pictures!

These magnets are 3×4″, and made from ultra premium glossy paper and 30 mil magnet backing, which provides a nice amount of strength to hold papers on the fridge. I make each one by hand. They’re packaged in small plastic bags with cute labels holding the bag closed. I use glue dots to put them on cardboard so they’re protected during shipping. I send them (without tracking) via USPS, almost always within 24 hours.

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This is Bunsen Bean. He's in charge of magnet packaging, and he wants you to know that he takes great care putting together every magnet order.


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