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Poodle Magnet “Harry the Poodle”


This cute Poodle magnet Is one of the most fun Poodle themed gifts you’ll find. It’s a go-to funny dog magnet when looking for gifts for Poodle owners.

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Just a funny dog magnet to brighten your day

Great poodle themed gifts for folks who love the breed

My magnets are a nice, 3″ x 4″ size and a great little piece of art for your refrigerator. The ornate gold frame is part of the image. That’s so it has the look of a finished, fine art, historical, framed portrait. You’d see something just like that in a museum… although the subject would probably not be a dog. Harry the Poodle and his friends are a fun way to decorate your refrigerator. Create a collection of the magnets (there are over 100 to choose from) and turn your refrigerator into a personal, in-home museum. They’re adorable gifts, too. Harry magnets are great gifts for Poodle owners, but you’ll find lots of dog breeds as well as felines, farm animals, and rodent pets in my shop, too.

poodle wall art

Yep, it’s a funny dog magnet. But it’s also a fine art portrait inspired by this portrait by Anthony Van Dyck in the 1600s. The subject was recently turned into Harry the Poodle, is young William II, prince of Orange. And who is that cute little girl he’s holding hands with? That’s Mary, member of the House of Stuart. It’s their wedding picture.

My magnets are made from thick, glossy paper and mounted onto 30 mil magnets. They’re good and strong! I print the images here and make the magnets myself. They’re packaged in plastic bags with labels on the top to secure them in the bag. Then the package is mounted onto a piece of cardboard to protect them while they’re on their way to you.

This is Bunsen Bean. He's going to make sure your poodle magnet packaging is well sealed before we ship it.


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