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Black Lab Magnets “Max”


These black Lab magnets make great Black Labrador themed gifts. Friends who are lovers of the breed will be bowled over by this funny refrigerator magnet.

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Elegant and affordable black Labrador Retriever gifts

A funny refrigerator magnet to brighten your day

This funny refrigerator magnet is a good find if you’re looking for easy, go-to black Labrador Retriever gifts. They’re sure to bring a smile to a Lab-loving recipient’s face. They are the end product of an artistic puzzle.


The making of...

My black Lab magnets, and all of my magnets start out with a challenge; how can I capture the old world charm of historical portraiture, and create a new piece of artwork with animals as the subject? After selecting the new “sitter” and researching historical portraiture, I sketch my new portrait until I’m happy with the composition. Then, I paint the portrait. I paint with oil onto canvas, much like the the old masters did. But thanks to modern technology, I then can scan my painting and create fun items with the image; prints, black Lab magnets, and other fun things.

black lab
black labrador retriever

You can see several time-lapse videos of me painting portraits here; one minute each. It’s such fun to watch the personality of each animal emerge in the painting.


My magnet menagerie is well trained to sit and stay on a refrigerator. They will stand guard watching the goings-on in the kitchen, all the while looking dignified and majestic. Please don’t tell Max he’s a funny refrigerator magnet. He’s trying so hard to be aristocratic and grand.

Bogus Bunsen Bean is always at the ready to help me assemble magnet orders.  His primary assignment is to assure that all envelopes are well sealed. We don’t want any of our animal friends to get lost along the way when they’re journeying to their new home. He’s dedicated to his work, as we all are.


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