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Hedgehog Magnet “Mr. Hedgehog”


This little hedgehog magnet is cute on a refrigerator, or as decor in hedgehog habitat setup.

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Gifts for hedgehog lovers with a sense of humor

Magnets that look great on your fridge or in front of your hedgehog's cage

Guess what? I make every one of my magnets by hand. I use my ink jet printer to produce the high quality image on ultra premium glossy paper. Then I cut each one to size (which is 3×4″) and mount it on 30 mil magnet backing (which has a great strength for holding papers on refrigerators). I package the magnets in little plastic bags with cute labels on top, and then when I ship them, I mount them with glue dots onto a piece of cardboard so they’re protected during the journey to their new home. They go by way of USPS, no tracking, and I ship them out really quickly, like, often the same day. A hand made item with free shipping for well under $10! What a bargain!

By this age,  Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozartha had already been playing the piano for three years, and had starting composing the year before. He was performing for imperial courts, as well. It seemed like just the right pose and outfit for a cute little hedgehog.

When I paint Old World Pet Portraits, I work to find an historical portrait that fits just right with the animal I’m going to paint. After about two decades of doing this, I have gotten pretty good at it. It’s kind of like my superpower. It’s a pretty odd and specific superpower, and doesn’t have a lot of applications, but I’m happy with it.

This little fellow’s historical reference was a portrait of Woldgang Amadaeus Mozart when he was six years old. It was painted in 1763. The artist had painted his sister at the same time. Because kids are squirmy, he painted the background and clothes of each painting first. He and only made the subjects sit for the painting process long enough for to capture the likeness of their faces. I have not made hedgehogs sit for any amount of time; I paint my portraits from printed out images of historical paintings and photos of animals. So, no hedgehog was inconvenienced in the creation of this artwork.

hedgehog cage ideas
Mrs. Hedgehog would love to go home with you, too.

Bunsen Bean helps me package magnet orders, and he takes great pride in his work


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