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Funny Cat Magnets “Alex”


Call me a crazy old cat lady, but I think these funny cat magnets are the perfect gift for anyone.

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Your cat is so going to love these funny cat magnets.
In ancient Egypt, cats were considered Gods. Cats have not forgotten this.

The magnets are 3×4 inches, and made from 30 mil magnet backing, which is a good strong magnet. I personally make them, and then I package them so they’re suitable to give as presents as is. They’re shipped right away through USPS (no tracking).

Cats and how we can help them

If this king kitty were real, I would certainly say that he hit the jackpot for being born into royalty. If I had my say, all cats would be treated like the special beings they are. That’s why I decided to devote my volunteer time to an organization that helps feral and community cats. These are the ones who live outside, either because they were abandoned by their owners, or because they were the offspring of cats who, somewhere back in the family tree, were abandoned by their people. The cats who didn’t have human contact themselves are essentially wild, and they’re generally not candidates for a house cat life.

Our organization, Berkshire Animal Dreams, gets to the basics; we trap, neuter, and return cats that live outside so their numbers don’t grow. Then we provide food to the kind people who make a commitment to provide daily meals, water and shelter for them. Sometimes there are friendly cats within the colony, and they can be brought to the animal shelter we are affiliated with. Otherwise, they at least don’t have to deal with the stresses of reproduction, and we help to make sure they won’t go hungry.

Three ways you can help

This is so far from the subjects of magnets, I know, but one more thing. If you find a litter of kittens outside, know that the situation could be verrrrry complicated. I would be happy to be a resource for you if you need to talk through what to do. Just email me and we can arrange a chat.

And now, a final word about King Alex and his adorable, funny cat magnets. Let’s use this royal image to visualize a world where people have the same kind esteem for the least fortunate among us as they do for the most fortunate.


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