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Golden Retriever Magnet “Taylor Chase”


A Golden Retriever magnet is just what you need to create a whimsical dog kitchen décor. My magnets are also great as Golden Retriever themed gifts.

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It's just the whimsical touch you need for your dog kitchen décor

Your friends and family are going to love these Golden Retriever gift items

My Golden Retriever magnet makes a great, under-10 gift if you’re looking for Golden Retriever themed gifts. You can show your Retriever-loving friends and family your love by giving these little Golden Retriever gift items to make them smile. They’re packaged nicely and ready to present. Or, have me ship it directly, along with a gift note.

I’ve got over 100 magnets available in my shop. That’s enough to create a pretty impressive portrait gallery! But with just a handful of them, you can enjoy little quirky museum-style gallery right in your kitchen Let these critters be the ones to greet you when you’re getting your first cup of coffee.

This is John Singleton Copely, a popular portrait artist in the 1700s. His portraits were the inspiration for my painting of Taylor Chase. He was born in Boston, and began his painting career in America. He moved to England in 1774…. it was a tumultuous time. In Great Britain, he never reached the fame he enjoyed in America, and he died in debt.

Copley’s portraits well show the dress of the time, which were similar in America and England. The clothing of Taylor Chase was typical of the era.

Here at Old World Pet Portraits HQ, it’s  as busy as Santa’s workshop all year long. There are prints to print, magnets to make, paintings to paint. And then there’s all the packaging! My assistant, Bunsen Bean, is particularly meticulous about making sure envelopes are sealed so the magnets and small prints arrive to their destination safe and sound.


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