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Best Bearded Dragon Habitat, Magnet “Bella”


For the most whimsical, best Bearded Dragon habitat, you’ll love this, and my other magnets on the tank wall. And so will your Bearded Dragon lizard pet.

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Super cute Bearded Dragon tank enclosure accessories
Got a Bearded Dragon lizard pet and a sense of humor? Create a wall of your dragon's ancestors.

Take a look at what other dragon den interior decorators are doing with their magnets.

I didn’t create this product to be the best Bearded Dragon habitat around. It’s a refrigerator magnet, and the refrigerator is a great place for it. BellaMarie will greet you in the morning when you’re getting that first cup of coffee. But don’t you think your dragon would enjoy a little bit of culture in their home?

These magnets may just be the most unique Bearded Dragon stuff you’ll find. I’ve create a nice collection of these little portraits, too, so you can have a wall of portraits in their den if you’d like. Or perhaps a couple, and you can tell your Bearded Dragon lizard pet that they’re pictures of dragons from their royal lineage long ago.

In order to “hang” them in a tank or den, you’ll need to use glue dots, double sided tape, or regular tape rolled into a loop so it’s sticky on both sides (you know what I mean, right?). It’s a small extra step to turn these magnets into awesome Bearded Dragon tank enclosure accessories.

The magnet is 4×3″ and ink-jet printed on ultra premium glossy paper. Then it’s mounted onto 30 mil magnet backing. I make every magnet, package them and send them from here. They ship via USPS with no tracking. I process magnet orders the same day or the next usually.

Mrs. Spike would love it if you brought BellaMarie home, too.


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