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Pitbull Dog Art Magnet “George Dashington”


These Pitbull magnets  meant to show the nobility of the breed. They make great gifts for Pitbull lovers.

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Your Pittie is so going to want you to get this Pitbull magnet!

These magnets make great Pitbull dog gifts

My magnets are made from ultra premium glossy paper mounted on 30 mil magnets. The images are ink jet, and are super detailed. They’re 3″ x 4″ big. I make every one by hand. The packaging is lovely, just right for gift giving. I ship them via USPS, no tracking, almost always within 24 hours- same day whenever it’s possible- so they arrive quickly.

The portrait I used for the basis of my Pitbull dog art portrait is a well known image of General George Washington. The portrait was painted by Rembrandt Peale. Check out the interesting history of this image, the likes of which hang in the White House and many other locations.

Let's talk about Pitbulls

All we are saying, is give Pits a chance

For about six years, I was the chair of the board for a local animal shelter. We had some experience with Pit Bulls. They would arrive at the shelter as strays, victims of abuse, and unwanted pets.

Some were a challenge and others were fabulous, but that’s no different than any other type of dog we cared for. The most important thing to us about each dog at the shelter was their temperament, and whether they would make a good pet. Many of the dogs most beloved by staff and volunteers were Pit Bulls. They won our hearts for being smart, loving, and incredibly devoted to the people in their lives.

These days, many people think “dog fight” when they hear the word Pit Bull but that wasn’t always the case. Throughout the 20th century, Pit Bulls were known to be trustworthy and friendly to people, and they earned the nickname “nursemaid’s dog” because they were so reliable with children.

Buster Brown’s Pit Bull Tige has been a mascot for the Brown Shoe Company since 1904.

Nipper, RCA’s trademark dog was a Pit Bull mix known for his loyalty to his master. And Petey, the cute brown and white Pit with a circle around his eye, was a devoted sidekick to Spanky and his gang of Little Rascals.

We didn’t apply any pressure to adopt a Pit Bull from the shelter. But some adopters who kept an open mind found the best friend they ever had.

We take meticulous care packaging our Pitbull magnets in preparation for shipping.


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