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Goldendoodle Magnet “Reagan”


This Goldendoodle magnet is unique in the world of Goldendoodle merchandise. It’s just the thing if you’re looking for gifts for Goldendoodle lovers.

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You're gonna love this funny kitchen magnet if you're a Doodle fan

A Goldendoodle magnet greeting you in the morning is just what you need to brighten your day

Whether a funny kitchen magnet is what you’re looking for, or specifically a Goldendoodle magnet, you’ll get a kick out of this Goldendoodle merchandise. There are over 100 animal magnets to choose from in my shop! You can find a funny kitchen magnet for all of your animal-loving friends! They’re all well trained to sit and stay on the fridge, and guard over the kitchen.

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It’s Goldendoodle merchandise now, but it started with an idea Reagan’s person had; “let’s have an Old World Pet Portrait created of our doodle”! They contacted me, and we brainstormed ideas for what her ladyship would look like in a portrait. We landed on this beautiful historical portrait (love the color of the dress!), and then I went to work. First I sketched the image, and then I painted the portrait. I show the painting part of the process below in a time-lapse video.

Reagan’s portrait hangs next to Thatcher’s in their home, but reproductions of the images can now be purchased as gifts for Goldendoodle lovers.

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Reagan real-life buddy is Thatcher. His Goldendoodle magnet is a great match for Reagan’s portrait magnet, too. The pair of them will spiff up your refrigerator with old world charm, and

We carefully package our magnets so they’re safe for the journey. We wouldn’t want any of these critters to lose their way! My assistant, Mr. Bean, is enthusiastic and meticulous about his funny kitchen magnet envelope-sealing job. He fancies himself an elf, working hard in Santa’s workshop, all year round.


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