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Goldendoodle Gift Ideas Magnet “Thatcher”


Looking for Goldendoodle gift ideas? These dog breed critter magnets are great as Goldendoodle owner gifts. Easy to hand out, ship direct, & stocking-stuff.

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Adorably hysterical Goldendoodle gift ideas

Discerning Goldendoodle owners are going to crack up over these hoity toity critter magnets

These Doodle critter magnets are surely one of the more unique Goldendoodle gift ideas you’ll come across. Sir Thatcher is ready to valiantly stand guard over whatever refrigerator becomes his dominion. He will defend his household’s right to eat whatever they choose from the fridge and will make no judgements. They, after all, will be the rulers he will vow to serve.

Maybe you’re pondering Thatcher as a Goldendoodle owner gift? Think about creating a story about him…. maybe how he is their doodle’s ancestor….. and include it with the gift. If you’re having me ship it, ask me to write it as a gift message. It’s a fun way to turn a small, under-$10 gift into something extra-special, and meaningful keepsake.

The making of Thatcher...

goldendoodle owner gifts
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Thatcher’s original portrat was a commissioned painting. His people had me paint his best friend, Reagan, as well. We needed Thatcher to be gallant, and this historical fellow surely looked so. I don’t know who he is; To me, he’s called “boot guy” because he’s got very interesting boots. Perhaps I should have called him “fancy britches” since I cropped out the boots in my painting. Anyway, I thought he was quite a dashing figure to start with. Thatcher’s and Reagan’s portraits hang in their home now, but their images also live on as Goldendoodle merchandise gifts.

Reagan is a lovely match for Thatcher. They’re even friends in real life. They make a great pair together on the fridge.

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My dedicated employee, Bunsen Bean, is just as happy to package critter magnets sporting Pugs, Poodles, rats or cats. We’re all over-the-moon when any of our animal friends are getting ready to going to a new home. It’s like the holiday season all the time here!


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