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Bunny Gifts, Magnet “Elwood”


Unusual bunny gifts to be sure. This rabbit magnet is a depiction of a war hero as well. So there’s plenty of whimsy in these rabbit themed gifts!

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These are just cute little bunny gifts to make you smile

This rabbit magnet absolutely perfect for the sophisticated animal lover.

There may never be a bunny magnet with such an historic story behind it. But these rabbit themed gifts take us back to long-ago wars, and the fall of a decorated war hero.

This is Vice Admiral Sir Thomas Hardy, who commanded Lord Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar in 1805. It was here that Lord Nelson was fatally wounded; Sir Thomas Hardy was at his deathbed. But the battle they were fighting was won, and Admiral Nelson learned this as he was dying. His final words were to Hardy.

rabbit magnet

“Kiss me Hardy”, he said, joyous as he was, even though he was dying. Hardy kissed him. And then to show his loyalty, he kissed him again.

You may ask, “what does this have to do with bunny gifts?”. And to that I answer; absolutely nothing. But maybe Old World Pet Portraits carry a piece of history into the current day. After all, you probably wouldn’t display a portrait of Thomas Hardy in your house. But if you love bunnies, my magnets are a fun way to enjoy historical portraiture and cute rabbits at the same time. Or if you’re an historical buff with a touch of whimsy, they’re a fun little bit of art for you, too.


Fun with art...

My rabbit themed gifts aren’t the only ones with a story. You’ll find all kind of history tucked away in my magnets. There are portraits that started with famous people; George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Marie Antoinette. I have re-imagined works of famous artists such as John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt, and Anthony van Dyck. 

And there are new depictions of famous works of art, such as the Mona Lisa, and Girl with a Pearl Earring. All in all, much fun can be had displaying these proud, well-dressed critters on the fridge. They’ll watch over you as you have your morning cup of coffee.

Here at Old World Pet Portrait headquarters, my staff is busy at work preparing orders. We are always delighted when someone wants to take one of our animal friends home. Bunsen makes sure magnet envelopes are well sealed and ready to ship.


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