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Yorkie Magnet “Yorkie in a Blue Dress”


My Yorkie magnet is perfect if you’re looking for gifts for Yorkshire Terrier lovers. This cutie is unique in the world of Yorkshire Terrier merchandise.

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Just a sweet little dressed up Yorkie to brighten your day

This Yorkie magnet is absolutely perfect for the sophisticated animal lover.

If you’re looking for cute little Yorkie gifts to give to someone who love the breed, this is just the thing! It’s well under $10, and shipping is free in the USA. They’re a nice size; 3×4″, and stronger than your average fridge magnet 930 mil). Each magnet comes charmingly packaged, and they’re shipped quickly by the United States Postal Service (no tracking). Such an easy gift to give; just give me the recipient’s shipping address, and I’ll send it directly. With a gift message if you’d like.

You’ll find so much more than just Yorkshire Terrier merchandise here. There are lots of critters to choose from… different dog breeds, cats, farm animals, other small pets, and even a collection of Bearded Dragons (they are currently my most popular items!). There are over 100 magnets in my shop, so you can take care of a lot of your small-item gift list right here. These magnets make great stocking stuffers, too.

This is the painting I used as my model for my Yorkie portrait. Girl in a Blue dress was painted in 1641. The dress is such a beautiful color, and the lace is a nice touch. She’s holding a feather. Perhaps it was a writing utensil. My Yorkie subject is holding a feather, too. It would be more likely that it’s from a bird she caught.

Bunsen Bean is my trusted companion, and he's never far from my side. He's always looking for ways to help. He's particularly good at sealing envelopes.... it's like his tongue was made for it!


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