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Yellow Lab Gifts, Magnet “Ruby”


These funny kitchen magnets make great yellow Lab gifts. Why not add art to your refrigerator with this waggish, amusing yellow Lab ornament?

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A great find if you're looking for Labrador Retriever gift ideas

This is one of several yellow Lab gifts you'll find in my shop

Funny kitchen magnets are a fun, inexpensive way to bring a smile to a friend or family member’s face. These particular magnets make great yellow Lab gifts, for those who love that breed. But you’ll find many other dog breeds to choose from, not to mention cats, farm animals, and other critters that are dear to our hearts.

There are over 100 magnets to choose from. It’s so much fun to curate gallery exhibits on a refrigerator. You can “hang” different exhibits with themes…. portrait subjects that originally were famous historic figures, a breed of dog you fancy, a “meowseum” display.

This handsome painting was my inspiration for Ruby’s portrait. The subject, Amalie Von Schintling, from Munich, Germany. It was painted in the early 1800s. She was betrothed, but died before the wedding. Sad story! But we have this beautiful portrait of her, which served as the motivation for this lovely yellow Lab ornament for a fridge gallery.

labrador retriever gift ideas

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