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Novelty Refrigerator Magnets, Standard Poodle “Napoleon”


These funny refrigerator magnets make great gifts for poodle lovers. It’s a whimsical take on your typical Standard Poodle art.

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Just a novelty refrigerator magnet to brighten your day

These funny refrigerator magnets are absolutely perfect gift for poodle lovers.

I suppose a poodle wouldn’t be the first dog breed that comes to mind when choosing Napoleon as a subject. He was short in stature, unlike Standard Poodle. Perhaps this one is a toy poodle. Want to spend a fun 3 minutes brushing up on your Napoleonic history? Check it out.

About the breed...

Poodles! They’re known to be the second smartest dog breed there is. (If you don’t know the first, I’m not going to tell you). Even though they’re thought of as a “frufru” dog, they’re actually bred to hunt and retrieve. In fact, the name “Poodle” originated from the word “puddle”, because they’re water dog, and retrieving from water is a talent of theirs. Their unusual “haircut” is meant to keep particular areas of their body warmer when they’re in the water. You can find out more interesting stuff about Poodles here, or here.

If you’re a Poodle fan, this funny refrigerator magnet is just for you! I made it with ultra premium glossy paper mounted on 30 mil magnet backing. They’re packaged just right for gifting, and they fit nicely in a Christmas stocking, too. I send my magnets out soon after they’re ordered; usually within 24 hours. They go by way of USPS without tracking. In my Etsy Shop, my magnets get rave reviews for being fabulous and for arriving fast. If Poodles aren’t your favorite, there are over 100 other cute magnets to choose from in my shop.

Here at Old World Pet Portraits Headquarters, our team takes pride in packaging magnets with the greatest of care.


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