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Kitty Magnet, Maine Coon “Otto”


This kitty magnet is the best in the category of novelty fridge magnets. The crazy cat lady within you will love walking by your fridge with Otto on it.

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The ultimate in cat lady art. And cat fellow art, too.

These novelty fridge magnets are absolutely perfect for the sophisticated animal lover.

You can place these kitty magnets at your eye level on the refrigerator, if they’re meant for your viewing pleasure. Or you can place them low, so your cats can enjoy them.

And perhaps this is the best use for them. As refined and pretentious cats can be, how often do they really get a chance to appreciate fine art? How about cat art? Probably even more seldom. Has your cat ever been to a museum? I expect not. And yet, surely every day, they find some way to let you know that they are the most elite member of the household and worthy of all the finer things of life.

A cat museum gallery on your refrigerator may be a way to show your cat that you have not neglected your duties as their minion. Laugh not! This kind of thing has been done, as you can see here in this Meowseum of Art.

These cute 3″ x 4″ novelty fridge magnets are made from 30 mil magnets. The images are ink jet printed onto ultra premium glossy paper. I make and ship them quick as a bunny, and they travel to their destination via USPS, no tracking.

Bunsen Bean is Chief envelope licker here at Old World Pet Portraits


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