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Guinea Pig Magnet “Mona Lisa Art”


This guinea pig magnet is a fun take on Mona Lisa art. Purchase this magnet for your favorite Guinea pig friend.

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A guinea pig magnet is the most fun gift to give to a Guinea Pig lover!

Especially if they're a fan of Mona Lisa art

More and more guinea pigs are paying attention to the décor of their homes. A fair number of them enjoy the works of the masters, though they prefer guinea pig subjects as opposed to human subjects. Mona Lisa is a favorite among guinea pigs, studies show. Napoleon’s classic portrait is the next in popularity.

mona lisa art

Guinea pigs can always to go to museums, to see classic works of art (like this lovely museum with many “paintings” of Guinea pigs). Or, thanks to my Old World Pet Portraits, they can enjoy art in the comfort of their own home. These magnets are durable, and can be “hung” on walls with double sided  tape or glue dots. The frames are part of the image, so they are ready for your Guinea pig’s viewing pleasure right out of the package.

But you don’t need a Guinea pig to have a reason to purchase this magnet. They’re made to decorate the refrigerator. You can enjoy this little piggy’s Mona Lisa smile every time you walk by the fridge.

Perhaps you have kids who would like to create their own Guinea pig art. It’s not hard! Here’s a tutorial that your kids can watch. If they follow along, they’ll have their own Guinea pig piece of art to hang on the refrigerator.

paintings of mona lisa

Why is this piece of Mona Lisa art so famous? Is it the Mona Lisa smile? Nope. Find out why.

These cute little magnets are 3″ x 4″, and they’re made with ultra premium glossy photo paper, which is mounted on 30 mil magnet backing. Each one is packaged nicely, making them great for gift-giving. I use USPS (no tracking) to ship my magnets, and I get them out in the mail within 24 hours.

Bunsen Bean is Chief Envelop Licker here at Old World Pet Portraits Headquarters. He takes great pride in his work.


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