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German Shorthaired Pointer Magnet “Shadow”


This sophisticated German Shorthaired Pointer magnet is both elegant and comical. It’s not your typical German Shorthaired pointer art. It’s the most fashionable!

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They're the most fun German Pointer gifts you'll find

This is your one stop shopping page for Renaissance German Shorthaired Pointer art

What better Pointer gift could there be than an adorable, high-class, German Shorthaired Pointer magnet? Pointer fans will love this! There’s always room on a refrigerator for an elegant example of a breed that’s off-the-charts beautiful already. If you’re in search of German Shorthair Pointer gifts, Lady Shadow is your gal.

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The origin of Shadow's portrait...

My painting of Shadow (turned German Pointer gifts!) was inspired by this Renaissance painting by Raphael.  It was called Portrait of Young Woman With Unicorn, and it was painted in 1505 or 1506. It has been noted that the composition and style is a lot like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and many think that Raphael used that painting as a model for this one.

Lady Shadow was a fan of vegetables, and she often raided the garden for her favorite treats. So in her portrait, we replaced the unicorn with an array of vegetables. She’s still as elegant as the young woman who was painted so long ago.

No matter what time of the year it is, Christmas is either right around the corner, or gonna be! Whether you’ll be needing German Shorthair gifts, or gifts for people who love other animals, this is a great place to stock up. Check those names off of Santa’s list early! These make excellent stocking stuffers, and there are over 100 to choose from!

Here at our workshop headquarters, we’re all as busy as Santa’s elves all year round. I make each magnet right here! That’s right, they’re had made items, lovingly made. And then, they’re carefully packaged with the help of Bunsen Bean, my assistant. We want to make sure envelopes are well sealed, so the magnets will arrive safely to their new home.


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