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Female English Bull Terrier Magnet “Ellie Mae”


This female English bull terrier sits pretty for her portrait, and makes for fun refrigerator magnets. Look no further for bull terrier gifts and merchandise!

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Your English Bull Terrier dog-loving friend would love this magnet
You can turn your refrigerator into a whimsical historical portrait gallery with subjects that are dear to your heart.

These magnets are rather large; 3″ x 4″. They’re 30 mil magnets, so they do a great job of holding papers on your refrigerator. I make each one by hand, and that makes them a fantastic, hand made item at a really low price!

Each magnet comes packaged in a small plastic bag that’s held closed with a label. To keep it safe for shipping, it’s mounted on a piece of cardboard. I ship magnets as fast as I can; the same day as they’re ordered if it’s possible. They’re shipped by way of USPS with no tracking. SOOO many customers are happy with how quickly they’ve received their order.

Order one for someone else and I’d be happy to add a gift note. What a lovely gift it would be to receive, and for just $7! There are over 100 to choose from. These fun refrigerator magnets make great stocking stuffers. Think of how amusing it would be to give one to a dog walker, your veterinarian, a teacher, a friend who adores their pet.

anne of cleves portrait

Anne of Cleves was the fourth wife of King Henry VIII. All of his wives had a tough time, but Anne got off easier than the rest, and she lived the longest.

Henry married her sight unseen…. at least he had not seen her in person. This portrait was his introduction to her. When he saw her in person (at the wedding!) he wasn’t as impressed with her as he was her portrait. It’s quite the story.

Bunsen Bean is in charge of magnet packaging. He'll make sure your magnet envelope is well sealed before it's sent to you. We wouldn't want that cute little magnet falling out of the packaging, would we?


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