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Chihuahua Magnets “Senora Perro”


My chihuahua magnets make great gifts for chihuahua owners. You’ll find lots of dog fridge magnets in my shop, and these are great chihuahua gift ideas.

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Collect a bunch of dog fridge magnets and create a museum on your refrigerator

These chihuahua magnets are great gifts for Chihuahua owners

chihuahua gift ideas

The basis for my Chihuahua is this engraving of Abigail Adams. I gave the little pup a different hat, but I liked the composition of this portrait, with the pretty outfit, the muff, the curtain, and the landscape in the background. The engraving was done by H.S. Sadd. He used a painting by John Singleton Copely as a model for the engraving. And so the tradition continues, re-imagining portraits of the masters, though now the subject is now completely unrecognizable.

gifts for chihuahua owners

Here’s a story about a different chihuahua gift idea someone had. If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of New York City, you probably remember Jill Zarin and “Ginja”, her beloved Chihuahua. I didn’t know Ginger, and I never once watched that show, but I was commissioned to paint her. Jill was presented with the painting on a birthday. I hear tell that Ginger was a bit of a prima dona, so this outfit was a good match for her.

This 3×4″, 30 mil magnet is hand made by me. I make and send my magnets quickly by way of USPS, no tracking. You’ll love the packaging; it’s great for gift giving. In fact, you can have me ship directly to your giftee. Ask me to write a gift message, too. The recipient will be so thrilled and surprised to receive this… who expects an historical-style, dignified, old world portrait with their favorite critter as the subject? It’s a mood booster for sure.

This is Bunsen Bean. He works here at Old World Pet Portrait Headquarters in the magnet packaging department.


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