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Chihuahua lover Magnet “Napoleon Chihuahua”


Are you a Chihuahua lover?  Perhaps this adorable, funny pet portrait is of  your Chihuahua’s ancester, oui?

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If you have a friend who's a Chihuahua lover, then they'd love this!

A funny pet portrait on your refrigerator will brighten your day.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s political and cultural legacy made him one of the most celebrated and controversial leaders in human history. Here’s the story in a nutshell. I wonder what Napoleon himself would have thought about this Napoleonic Chihuahua themed gift. He might not have been a fan.

portraits of napoleon bonaparte

But so it goes, here at Old World Pet Portraits. Grand figures in history are no longer recognizable for their facial features, but for the poses they once held while portrait artists painted them. You’ll find Napoleon’s nemesis, Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington among my portraits. He’s a Guinea pig. Napoleon appears here not only as a Chihuahua, but also a French Bulldog,  , Guinea pig, and Poodle. Horatio Nelson, a counterpart of Wellesley in the wars, is an Irish Setter here in this alternate world.
The original portraits are great works of art, and they call to mind important moments in history. But would we really want those portraits hanging in our homes? Sorry, but…. yawn. For us animal lovers, though, we can appreciate the classic portraiture in a way that has something to do with us. These particular magnets make great Chihuahua gift ideas, but you’ll find so man other funny pet portraits here; goats, ferrets, pigs, dogs, cats…. there are over 100 to choose from.

These cute little magnets are 3×4″, and created with 30 mil magnet backing. I  make (yup, I make each one) and send them quickly via USPS no tracking, and they arrive in a twinkling.

Each magnet is carefully packaged by our dedicated team here at Old World Pet Portrait Headquarters.


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