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Golden Retriever Merchandise, Magnet “Lady Golden”


Got canine décor on in your home? These fridge magnets are great dog themed kitchen accessories. They’re unique in the world of Golden Retriever merchandise.

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Golden Retriever merchandise for the discerning Retriever lover in your life

You've happened upon Golden Retriever gifts for owners who are nuts about their dogs

Dog themed kitchen accessories are a great way to bring a personal touch to the heart of a home. If you’re looking specifically for Golden Retriever merchandise, these magnets are a great find. Whether they’re for you, or they’re Golden Retriever gifts for owners you know, they’ll surely brighten someone’s day.

Raphael’s “Girl with a Unicorn” was the inspiration for my Lady Golden” painting painting. The famous, historic work of art was created in the early 1500s. This, and so many other historic portraits are so lovely. I like to think that my Old World Pet Portraits keep the essence of these beautiful works of art in our every-day lives, and not just in a museum.

Golden retriever stuff isn’t the only dog themed kitchen accessories you’ll find in my shop. There’s a menagerie of over 100 critter magnets. They’re all ready to sit and stay on your fridge door, guarding over the household. You can create a super fun gallery right in your kitchen.

It’s entertaining to curate “shows”, featuring your own selection of portraits. Farm animal collection exhibit? Maybe a rodent show (check out how someone created a show for their Guinea Pigs). Or a Meowseum (see how someone created something like this for their cats). It’s all in good fun.

Here at Pet Portrait HQ, it’s kind of like Santa’s workshop here every day. We’re always busy creating something special…. making magnets, necklaces, or printing and packaging the small prints. We are over-the-moon every time someone decides they want to give one of our critters a home. You’ll see that we take great care in packaging them, so they’re safe for the journey.


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