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Cavalier Dog Gifts, Magnet “King Murphy”


Murphy is a cute find if you’re looking for Cavalier dog gifts. For magnets and also prints of this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, shop here!

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Got Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gifts on your shopping list? Look no further!

These magnets are adorable King Charles Spaniel ornaments for your refrigerator

King Charles Spaniel ornaments

This is Louis XV, also known as the Sun King…… which is a nickname he called himself. It’s a lovely portrait, with lots of royal gold and blue, as well as ermine furs and red velvet curtains. It seemed a perfect historical portrait to base my painting of Murphy. Except there’s always a dilemma regarding legs. Should they be dog legs? That can look odd, since we’re so trying to replicate the human portrait. Human legs? Given a choice, human legs are better, though they can look a little creepy, too.

My decision usually is to crop the image to exclude legs. And that’s what I did here, for this portrait and these Cavalier dog gifts. I choose to give my animals their own hands/paws when hands are in the original painting. And I rarely show bare arms. You’ll find lots of sleeves, shawls, long dresses, and pants in my portraits. Skimpily dressed women don’t translate into Old World Pet Portraits that well. It’s all in the service of making the portraits believable. When my subjects are in human clothes and human poses, the viewer doesn’t think about what’s under there. If they did, that’s when the delightful illusion would fall apart.

This is Murphy

He was the beloved pet of a client, and we wanted to create the kind of painting that would do him justice. He was a benevolent, royal fellow, and his portrait takes his place, reigning over the household of people who loved him.

cavalier king charles spaniel shop

It’s always important to work out the composition in sketch form before starting a painting. It’s a lot easier to erase things than to remove paint or paint over something that doesn’t look quite right.

If you’d like to see a one minute time lapse video of my painting process, click here.

Bunsen is always eager to help when I assemble orders.


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