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Boston Terrier Fridge Magnet “Miss Rascal”


Boston Terrier fridge magnets make great Boston Terrier gift items. Especially this cute, dressed up gal. You’ll love her as Boston Terrier kitchen décor.

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Collect this and other Boston Terrier fridge magnets and create a BT museum in your kitchen

They make great Boston Terrier gifts for owners and lovers of the breed

Whether you’re looking for Boston terrier gift items, or you’re a fan of the breed yourself, you’re going to love this magnet. Miss Rascal was trained to sit and stay on a refrigerator, and she’s the perfect Boston Terrier kitchen décor.  She’d be delighted to guard over a new home, and greet her family when they get up for their first cup of coffee. You’ll find other Boston Terrier fridge magnets in my shop if you’d like more of this cute breed to keep Miss Rascal company.

Think of the possibilities! Enjoy a Boston Terrier Fridge exhibit one month, and a barnyard royalty one the next. Over 100 magnets to choose from. It’s a fun way to enjoy art.

There’s a lot involved with having a shop full of hand-made items, not to mention the time it takes to paint portraits. Fortunately, I have a helper who assists with packaging. He’s a dedicated employee, and good at his job.


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