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Wheaten Terrier Merchandise, Magnet “Queen Maddie”


Wheaten Terrier merchandise can be hard to find, but these magnets of an adorable queen make great Wheaten Terrier Gifts.

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A Wheaten Terrier in your life is so going to want you to get this!
These magnets are absolutely perfect for the sophisticated Wheaten breed lover.

In the 1500s, long before dating websites, the best a person could do to meet a prospective partner who lived far away was to commission a portrait. That’s what Henry VIII did when he thought it would be politically advantageous to marry the sister of the leader of the Protestants of western Germany. (He wanted to strengthen his power against Catholics.)

anne of cleves portrait

He was happier with her portrait than he was of Anne’s appearance in person, though. Henry had the marriage annulled six months after the wedding. Anne was thereafter known as the King’s Beloved Sister.

It’s amusing to learn about history by way of a Wheaten Terrier magnet. And why has this portrait of a 16th  century queen now become Wheaten Terrier merchandise? Because it’s a lovely portrait; one that most only see in the context of a history lesson though. But now? A Wheaten Terrier lover will find the iconic art piece relevant to them. It’s a fun bit of wheaten breed whimsy that can be enjoyed today, but it has interesting history behind it.

Order this magnet, and it’ll get to you fast via USPS (without tracking….. it goes right in my rural mailbox, usually the same day or the next). It’s a nice sturdy 3×4″ 30 mil magnet with a very high-res, detailed image on top; that’s printed on ultra premium glossy paper. The magnet comes in a plastic bag with a cute label, so it’s great to give as a little present. This one’s great for a Wheaten Terrier fan, but there are so many other dog breeds to choose from. There are other critters as well…. over 100 here in my shop. Have fun finding just the right ones to give as gifts or to create a lovely gallery on your refrigerator.

Bogus Bunsen Bean takes great care packaging magnet orders.


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