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Siamese Cat Art Magnet “Siamese Princess”


These little siamese cat themed gifts make for a great way to display siamese cat art. A gallery on your refrigerator! Or gifts for siamese cat lovers.

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Perfect Siamese cat gifts for the person who adores their Siamese cat

Siamese cat art in the style of Henry Holbien's Anne of Cleves

This 3×4″ 30 mil magnet is good and strong; great for holding papers on your refrigerator. I make all of the magnets myself. They’re packaged in small plastic bags, held closed with a cute label. I work really hard to get these magnets out the same day or the next day, and I send them via USPS (no tracking). They’re great for gifting; these particular ones are perfect gifts for Siamese cat lovers.

anne of cleves portrait

Anne of Cleves was one of the luckier wives of Henry. She escaped the marriage with her head intact, and she was the longest lived ex-queen of Henry. This Siamese cat art portrait is fashioned after the portrait Henry had painted when he wanted to see if he thought she was pretty enough for him.

“Don’t make up what she looks like”, Henry told the artist, I’m paraphrasing of course. The king first saw her in person at his wedding. He didn’t think she looked like her portrait at all, and he wasn’t happy about it. The result? Failed marriage.

Now, if you buy this cat magnet, I’ll bet you can teach your kids the history of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves and they’d actually be interested in it and remember it. ‘Cause, cats. Everything is more fun with cats.

About cats....

This Siamese Princess clearly must have lived a royal lifestyle. Not all cats are quite as fortunate.

When I’m not painting fanciful portraits of animals, I volunteer for an organization that helps cats that have a more difficult life. Our mission is TNR; Trap, Neuter, Return. Our aim is to spay and neuter cats who live outside. Life is hard enough for them without having to deal with the stresses of reproducing. Plus, it’s better for the community and for cat colonies if their numbers don’t keep growing.

Why do cats live outside? Either they were domestic cats who were abandoned by their owners, or they were born outside. We work with the people who have committed to be the caretakers of those cats. Here’s a touching story about a feral cat who lived a long life with the help of caretakers.


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