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Schnauzer Magnet “Phillip”


This Schauzer magnet is unique amoung Schnauzer gifts merchandise. If you’re looking for a Schnauzer gift, this one will bring on the big smiles!

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Look! It's your Schnauzer's ancestory!

This magnet is the perfect Schnauzer novelty gift.

This Schnauzer magnet, and all of my Old World Pet Portrait critters are well trained to sit securely on your refrigerator, look captivating, and reign over your home.

And with over 100 to choose from, you can create the cutest gallery exhibit you ever did see…. right on your refrigerator. There are so many themes you can go with. Have farmhouse decor? Then check out my dapper farm animals. Is your decor early American? You’ll find lots of early American portraits here. Are you a cat lady or cat man? Me too! Curate the purrrfect cat exhibit. But these particular magnets are the most fun when you’re looking for Schnauzer novelty gifts for lovers of the breed. They won’t expect it! But they’re almost guaranteed to smile when they receive it.

This is Louis XVI, and the portrait chosen to portrait our Schnauzer subject. He was the last king of France before that system of government was eliminated by the French Revolution. Both he and his wife, Marie Antoinette, were executed. During the time this portrait was painted, he was riding pretty high though… And doesn’t he look handsome, though I prefer the Schnauzer in the outfit.

What a great companion Miss. Sydney is for Phillip. The pair of them can sit and stay on your refrigerator, reigning over your home, making you smile as you drink your morning cup of coffee.

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