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Rooster Magnet “Captain Rooster”


Here’s a cute way to add a rooster in the kitchen; put this adorable rooster magnet on the fridge. It’s a fun way to include rooster art for kitchen décor.

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It's a rooster MAGNET, so it won't wake you up in the morning

You can't have authentic farmhouse décor without a rooster in the kitchen

There’s something homey and “kitcheny” about hens and roosters. Rooster art for kitchen décor with a farmhouse theme is just about a given. So rooster merchandise, and décor items are pretty popular and easy to find. But this rooster magnet is not your run-of-the-mill rooster. Oh, he’s puffed up and self-important, like many roosters are. But this one has the military attire and medals to put credibility behind his bravado. Put this rooster in the kitchen, and he’ll handily rule the roost from his post on the refrigerator.

Captain Rooster doesn’t have to stand guard by himself. There are over 100 magnets to choose from. You can create a gallery of noble dressed-up critters. You’ll find other farm animals in my shop if you want to curate a barnyard royalty exhibit on your refrigerator.

My magnets make great gifts too. They’re packaged just right to toss into a Christmas stocking. They’re fun to hand out. Or, you can have me ship it to someone, along with a gift message. Your recipient will be all smiles when they open your present. They’re super affordable, too; well under $10 for a hand made (by me) item that can’t be found anywhere else but in my shops.

Here at Old World Pet Portraits command post, it’s a little like Santa’s workshop here all year long. Most days I’m busy painting and fulfilling orders. Bunsen Bean is my helper. His primary responsibility is sealing the small-item packaging. He takes pride in making sure all of the critters are safe and secure for their journey.


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