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Red Setter Gifts Magnet “Nathaniel Setterton”


This noble Irish Setter dog is going to be a hit if you’re looking for red Setter gifts. He’s a decorated hero; a must if you collect Irish Setter items!

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An Irish Setter dog to add a touch of elegance to your refrigerator

Looking for Irish Setter stuff to give as gifts? This magnet is just the thing!

My Irish Setter dog portrait was inspired by a portrait of Admiral Horatio Nelson, a decorated officer of the Royal British Navy.

Horatio Nelson

Nelson led troops to victory in many influential battles, including ones during the Napoleonic wars. He lost his right arm at the age of 35, and the sight in one eye at the age of 40…. all during combat. But he finally was mortally wounded in 1805 at the age of 58 during the battle of Trafalgar. A true warrior to be sure! I wonder what he would think about his new depiction on red Setter gifts.



Perhaps you’re a history buff with a sense of humor. Or a fan of Setters. Either way, this is a cute magnet to stand guard over your refrigerator. Have an Irish Setter? Then, make up a story about how Nathaniel is your Setter’s ancestor.  Oh the battles he fought, and the name he made for himself. I hear tell there is a monument to him in a foreign land. The quotes attributed to him have inspired Setters around the world.

These magnets make great little gifts. They’re well under $10 (and shipping is free!), they’re smile-producing when given to an animal-lover. There are so many to choose from… over 100!

You’ll be impressed by the care we take when packaging our magnets. That’s because they come in a nice plastic bag with a label on it, and they’re packaged so as to stay in perfect shape during the journey to customers. Bunsen makes sure each envelope is well sealed.


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