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Cute Pug Gifts, Magnet “Bunsen Bean”


My fawn male pug magnets make the most cute Pug gifts you’ll find. Lovers of the breed will love these Pug decorative accessories to adorn their fridge.

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Looking for cute Pug gifts?

The most adorable fawn male Pug merchandise you'll find

This fawn male Pug is dear to my heart; my very own Bunsen Bean, a dog we adopted from the Springfield Vermont Humane Society. Since everyone around here pulls their weight, Bunsen was recruited to be the subject of these cute Pug gifts. He seems to be quite proud to be on Pug merchandise, too.

The making of the portrait....

fawn pug merchandise

Here’s the photo that inspired Bunsen’s portrait. Head-on views are nice, but I love to capture more interesting poses, too. This photo made me think of some of the elegant poses of Anthony van Dyck subjects. I went on a search and found just the thing.

I found this 17th century etching; a self portrait of Anthony van Dyck. Okay, his tongue wasn’t hanging out, and he was facing the other way, but still, it was perfect.

Cute Pug van Dyck Inspiration

Here’s the work in progress. You can see Bunsen in the background along with Mabeline, his adopted sister. I did a few color sketches to help me decide what color to make the cape. Now, Bunsen is a little bit famous, being as he’s on Pug decorative accessories and Pug merchandise. It doesn’t go to his head, though. He’s the sweetest put around.

And this is Bunsen. He's a great help whenever I need envelopes sealed.


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