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Pug Fridge Magnet “Thaddius”


This Pug fridge magnet is what you’re looking for if you’re wanting Pug gifts for Pug lovers. Thaddius is a striking fellow, lovers of the breed would say.

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Not -Your-Average Pug Fridge Magnet

Pug related gifts; perfect for lovers of the breed

Know a Pug lover? They’re bound to also love Pug themed gifts. This Pug fridge magnet is a great choice. Pug gifts for Pug lovers seem to just go with the breed. Being a Pug person myself, I understand the phenomenon; it’s like you can’t get enough of their cuteness! So Pug related gifts are a good safe bet when gifting lovers of this silly breed.

Notice that Thaddius is rather well-fed. This is a common issue for Pugs. Many feel no compulsion to exercise, but eating is their favorite thing. They will do anything for treats, and are so adorable, their begging is hard to resist.

Thaddius is typical of a well-to-do Pug. In early-America, it was not uncommon for itinerant merchants to travel from house-to-house, farm to farm, selling their wares. Portrait painters followed suit, painting portraits of wealthy property-owners, who were the only ones that could afford such a luxury. The paintings were primitive, or “naive”. Though this style does lack depth and realism, it makes up for that with charm.

Pugs can be extremely helpful. One of my Pugs, Bunsen Bean is a dedicated employee. He assist me with package-sealing, and inspects all outgoing mail. Over the holidays we were both quite busy. Our new Pug family member, Chester Ludlow, is in training, but he has a long way to go. He likes ripping open envelopes, apparently not understanding the packages are not for him.


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