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Labrador Retriever Gifts, Magnet “Sir Seve”


Look no further for Labrador Retriever gifts. This magnet refrigerator Labrador is the cutest yellow Lab merchandise you’ll find for lovers of the breed.

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Proven by these Labrador Retriever gifts, Labs can be dignified

Lovers of the breed LOVE yellow Lab items

If your family needs gifts from Santa, we’re here to help. We’re in the Christmas spirit all year round. We are all overjoyed when our customers decide to adopt one of my Labrador Retriever gifts, or any of our magnet refrigerator animals. We are over-the-moon that they’ll have a family of their own to go to.

This yellow lab item is puffed up proud every time it’s selected from among all the yellow Lab merchandise available.All of our magnets are carefully packaged, and the envelopes are sealed well by my assistant, Bunsen Bean. We wouldn’t want them getting lost before they arrive at their destination, after all.

All of my magnet critters are well trained to sit and stay on the refrigerator, ready to guard the comings and goings in the kitchen. You’ll not find more loyal Labrador Retriever gifts than this.

Great stocking stuffers or gifts to hand out. Or have me send a magnet to someone on your gift list along with a gift message.

¬†They’re the perfect size for stuffing in stockings. And just look at how they line up to pose with honor and dignity! They love to offer their cute selves as decoration in a kitchen. They’ll stay on a filing cabinet or other magnet-friendly metal surfaces just as happily.

You’ll find a great selection, so if you’re looking for ideas other than yellow Lab merchandise, check out my other magnets. There are over 100 to choose from.


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