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Labrador Retriever Artwork Print “Lady Sargent”


This anthropomorphic Labrador Retriever artwork is a new take on John Singer Sargent’s Lady Agnew portrait. The black Lab Retriever subject is grace itself.

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Whimsical Labrador Retriever artwork for your décor

Prints make great Labrador lover gifts, too

My demure, lovely black Lab Retriever is replicating the pose of the famous Lady Agnew portrait. John Singer Sargent was the artist, and he was know for capturing the beauty of his female portrait subjects. This Labrador Retriever artwork is perfect for those who have a soft spot  in their hearts for the breed.

john singer sargent male portraits

Sir Sargent is a great match for Lady Sargent. As you an guess, both of the original portraits were painted by John Singer Sargent. This black Lab Retriever is a take-off of the portrait he painted of his teacher, Carolus Duran.

How to make an under-$10 print a really special gift:

My prints make great Labrador lover gifts. You can purchase a small, 5×7″ print for under $10, which is a fine gift itself. But if you add an ornate frame, it’ll be even more momentous, and ready to display. I like to visit tag sales and purchase inexpensive (but beautiful). Then I’m ready to make an inexpensive print order into a spectacular gift. Box stores (which also sell on line) also have surprisingly inexpensive, but beautiful, frames.

And here’s how to add the kind of personal touch that’ll make your Labrador lover gifts truly memorable. It costs no money. Ready? Write a snippit of a story that tells how Lady Sargent and Sir Sargent are the ancestors of the gift recipient’s black Lab Retriever. Add all of the fantastic adventures you can think of. Include it with the print. I think you’ll be hooked on the amusing entertainment anthropomorphizing animals can bring.

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