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Bearded Dragon Reptile Pet, Print “Mrs. Spike”


These lovely old world prints make great bearded dragon gifts for the reptile fan in your life. Her bearded dragon clothes are a royal match for her beauty.

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Unique beardie gifts

A vision of loveliness in her bearded dragon clothes

Do you have a bearded dragon reptile pet? Or maybe your friend does.  This is a great bearded dragon gift for the reptile fan in your life. Mrs. Spike’s bearded dragon clothes are a royal match for her beauty. Her purpose in life is to make you smile when you gaze at her on the wall.

A story of belonging...

He was alone in the world. He had not seen his family in so very long. Though he wished he could hold on to the connection he once felt, his memory of them was fading. Of all the family, his mother was dearest to him. He could recall her elegant beauty and the majestic garments she would wear.

 But alas, even the recollection of his beloved mother was fading in his mind. Oh his people were wonderful; the humans who fed him mealworms and salad greens. They bought him bearded dragon gifts, and even elegant bearded dragon clothes, though he had little enthusiasm for wearing them. “What can I do for you?”, his people would ask. He did not know what to say.

And then it happened. She put him down on a piece of paper on the table next to an ornate wooden object. He hardly cared, but his person seemed so excited for him to look. He wandered over to take a look and alas! It was a picture of his dear mother! How this came to be is unexplainable.

But unmistakably, those were her beady little eyes, her delicate hands, and even the dress she wore when he was just a pipsqueak of a reptile. His person placed his dear mother’s portrait in view of his den, and the bearded dragon’s joy for life and sense of belonging were restored to him.

Mr. Spike’s portrait is the perfect match for Mrs. Spike’s portrait!

bearded dragon themed gifts

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