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Guinea Pig Magnet “Napoleon Guinea Pig”


This guinea pig magnet will look cute on your fridge, but it’s also adorable as guinea pig cage décor; hang it right over their cage!

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They're great guinea pig themed gifts for the guinea pig lover in your life

Cute fridge magnets are such a fun way to brighten your day. This one will make you smile when you pass the refrigerator.

Why did Napoleon always tuck his hand into his into his coat? It was a fad at the time, and it was considered a symbol of “good breeding”. And did you know that he was 5’6″? He was often called “Le Petit Caporal”. Here’s a whole lot more info about Napoleon in this fun, three-minute video.

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Napoleon Bonaparte was quite a powerhouse. He was an action oriented fellow, and once he decided something needed to be done, he went about doing it. Is that the personality of this Guinea pig now wearing Napoleon’s clothing? I don’t know, but he sure does cut a noble figure.

This, and all of my animal fridge magnets, make a fun display on a refrigerator. They’d all be there to great you when you’re getting breakfast ready first thing in the morning.

But it’s also a hoot to use these Guinea pig magnets as cage decor for your GP’s home. Think of how adorable it would be to have a wall of noble historic Guinea pig figures. You can make up stories about how they’re your piggy’s ancestors. My portraits are all about creativity and whimsey, and the honoring of our love for animals. I love to see my customers carrying on that tradition. So, if you do decorate your piggy’s cage with my magnets, I’d love to see pictures and share them with my fellow animal-lovers who visit my website and follow me on social media.

guinea pig magnet

My magnets are 3×4″, and made from ultra premium glossy paper and 30 mil magnets (which are stronger than most fridge magnets). I make each one by hand, put them in lovely packaging, and quickly get them out in the mail. They’re shipped by way of USPS with no tracking.


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