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Guinea Pig Fun Refrigerator Magnet “Basil”


These large fridge magnets are fun as a guinea pig cage décor! Or enjoy the fun refrigerator magnet in your kitchen. He’ll make you smile when you walk by.

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These are adorable Guinea pig items for the sophisicated GP enthusiast

It's a great décor item if you're creating your own pretty Guinea pig cage

Basil was my first Guinea pig portrait. He was the beloved pet of a young boy, and his Auntie commissioned his portrait for him. After Basil, I was hooked on Guinea pig portraits. Because as you know, THE’RE ADORABLE!! In my opinion, they look fabulous in clothes.

This magnet of Basil, and my other Guinea pig magnets, are most popular as cage decorations. Is your Guinea pig an patron of the arts? Does he or she appreciate a well appointed, sophisticated home? These portraits will do the trick. They can be “hung” on glass with double-sided tape, or with sticky dots.

Take a look at other creative ideas people had under the category of “artistic fun with Guinea pigs”. This  teacher made a Guinea pig museum…. for her Guinea pigs. She calls it the Piggenheim Museum. Her piggies seem to enjoy the artwork. Each piece of art is framed and has a small “plaque” with the name of the piece on it. I love how the curator used the base moulding to hand her art. A hallway is the perfect museum-like atmosphere, and floor moulding is a good height for Guinea pig viewing.

Here’s someone else who created a GP museum. This museum is it’s own space, complete with pillars and ceiling rafters. All of the supplies needed were purchased at a craft store. Truth be told, I think the piggies enjoyed the snacks that were served at the opening more than the artwork. But isn’t that how it often goes.

What kind of Guinea pig fun are you having? If you do something creative with my Guinea pig magnets, I hope you’ll send me pictures. I’d love to share what you’ve done.


These magnets are 3×4″, and made of 30 mil magnets. They’re plenty strong enough to hang papers on the fridge. They’re hand made by me, and I send them quickly (via USPS, no tracking). They’re packaged nicely, protected well when they’re shipped.

Here at the Old World Pet Portraits home office, we take pride in how each magnet is packaged.


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